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How/Where do I get shipment labels or receipts?

System labels are created when you create an order, and are printable on either a thermal label or an A4 page if you do not have a label printer. Receipts are available online, with the wallet system that will update automatically after an order is created and processed.

When I ship a package with BUFFALO COURIERS, are there any guidelines for the packaging of my shipment?

Items are to be packed in a suitable sized packaging for the product being sent. It should not be larget than what is required. Also ensure secure packaging with suitable protective packaging material, example bubble rap for fragile items, protective envelopes for documents. All Parcels must be sealed properly to withstand Courier Handling.

What if l want to ship merchandise that does not fit into any of the package categories?

Kindly contact our support team to obtain a quotation and packaging guidance. Packaging not provided by Buffalo Couriers will be for your own cost.

How to Order Suppliers?

For ordering stationary, kindly email our Support team at sales@bufflogistics.co.za.

What items are provided by BUFFALO COURIERS?

Buffalo Flyer Bags (Large, Extra Large, A2 and XXL), printable thermal labels, and a label printer should your volumes exceed 50 parcels per day.

What are the items dimensions BUFFALO COURIERS provide?

Large = 40x30 / Extra Large = 50x38 / A2 = 60x42 / XXL = 65x55.

How do I calculate the volume size of my parcel?

To calculate the volumetric dimensions of your parcel, please measure as follows: width x height x length = Volume / 4000 (volumetric). Which ever is greater (actual weight or volume weight, will be used as the Chargable weight.

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