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Welcome to BUFFALO South Africa


BUFFALO International Logistics is a China-Africa online trade logistics service provider

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BUFFALO South Africa is a logistics service provider in South Africa. The company aims to offer cost-effective one-stop logistics and distribution services for all small and medium enterprises in Africa, as well as online retail trade within Africa. BUFFALO possesses strong logistical resources and advantages in the local delivery market in South Africa, providing efficient, secure, and reliable logistics services to clients.

In South Africa, BUFFALO has a comprehensive warehousing area of 35,000 square meters and a bonded warehouse of 5,000 square meters, which provides a powerful warehousing capacity for local deliveries. The company is rooted in Africa and has its own local delivery network with up to 300 transportation vehicles, which can provide efficient and reliable solutions to ensure your packages are delivered safely and on time. Our local delivery service covers a wide range, from city centers to remote areas in South Africa, meeting all your delivery needs.

Our logistics team has extensive experience and professional skills to flexibly handle different logistics challenges. Through advanced technology and equipment, BUFFALO offers comprehensive logistics services to ensure maximum protection and safety for your packages during transportation.

As a customer, whether you are an individual or a business, whether you need to deliver small parcels or large items, BUFFALO can provide you with the best local delivery services. Our mission is to provide efficient, reliable, and safe logistics services to you, delivering your packages to the destination in the shortest time possible.

In the future, the company will continue to focus on online retail logistics services in South Africa, and expand to commodity retail business, helping to achieve the goals of millions of African entrepreneurs. We are committed to becoming a global e-commerce supply chain group with significant influence.

  • 35500
    Comprehensive storage area
  • 25000
    South Africa sorting center
  • 300
    Transport vehicles

Our culture

  • Customer First

    If you were the customer, how would you want to be treated? Without our customers there is no business. BUFFALO has always been adhering to the principle of customer first and provide our clients with the best service.

  • Teamwork

    Alone you can go fast, but together we can go far. BUFFALO has a professional and strong team both in China and South Africa.

  • Stop Complaining

    Complaining does not solve any problems & complaining does not bring any solutions. Every employee of BUFFALO adheres to the attitude of "professionals do professional things" and actively solves each problem.

  • Passion

    Passion drives excellence. BUFFALO focuses on online trade logistics services between China and Africa and is passionate about doing it well.

  • Credibility

    The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your work &mistakes, the more creditability you will have. BUFFALO gets each thing done with strong credibility.

  • Embrace Change

    Change embraces the future. BUFFALO pays attention to the dynamics of its customers and the market, and is always ready.

Are you ready?

We are willing to provide you with China Africa online trade logistics services!