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Buffalo International specialises in eCommerce Fulfilment, International Logistics and Courier Services in South Africa and the broader African continent.

In October 2022, Buffalo International expanded its logistics capabilities across South Africa by opening new distribution centers and facilities, ensuring faster deliveries and a wider reach for our customers. 

Our passionate South African change-makers collaborate with international partners to deliver a consistently excellent, affordable, and simplified customer experience.

About Our Team

Our formidable team of proudly South African change-makers works closely with our international partners to create a better, affordable and simplified customer experience and deliver excellence every time.

Equipped with extensive experience and professional skills, our logistics team has the capabilities to achieve a 7 to 14-day lead time from China to final destination, and handle any challenge or obstacle they might encounter along the way.

Our Values


  • We believe in putting our customer’s needs, preferences, and satisfaction above all else and at the centre of everything we do.
  • We tailor and customise our service, interactions and pricing and for each customer segment.
  • We go the distance to anticipate and resolve customer issues proactively within 24 hours.
  • We embrace feedback and insight from our customers and continually seek ways to improve our service offering, processes and overall experience.
  • We build strong relationships and foster loyalty to ultimately drive success through customer satisfaction.


  • Truthfulness, integrity and transparency underscores all aspects of life and our business.
  • We provide accurate and reliable info to all stakeholders.
  • We maintain fairness and integrity in all customer interactions. We pride ourselves on ethical decision-making and don’t compromise our values for short-term gain.
  • We pride ourselves on ethical decision-making, and don’t compromise our values for short-term gain.
  • We believe in honoring our commitments and promises.
  • We respect confidentiality and safeguard sensitive information.


  • We are driven by a strong sense of purpose, going above and beyond to achieve results.
  • We feel emotionally connected to our mission, values and goals.
  • We maintain high levels of energy and en-gagement whilst performing tasks.
  • We are motivated by personal satisfaction and the joy of the work itself.
  • We demonstrate commitment, dedication and persistence even when facing challenges or setbacks.


  • We rely on each other’s abilities and contributions, fostering trust and reliability within the team.
  • We foster a positive uplifting atmosphere, promoting creativity, innovation and can-do attitude.
  • We respect each other’s ideas, perspectives and contributions, to build an environment of trust and empathy.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and commitments, ensuring the team collectively achieves its goals.
  • We recognise that the success of the team is more important than the achievement of the individual.

What is AEOS?

What is AEOS? AEO certification is globally recognized in 74 countries, by World Customs Organization, in compliance with international customs standards.

The AEOS program is a voluntary certification offered by SARS to recognize businesses that demonstrate excellence in supply chain security and customs controls. There are two types of AEO status a company can achieve:

AEOC (Authorized Economic Operator - Customs Simplifications): This status streamlines customs processes for businesses that meet specific criteria.

AEOS (Authorized Economic Operator - Security and Safety): This advanced accreditation signifies a company's robust security measures throughout its supply chain.

Benefits of AEOS for Buffalo SA

AEOS certification brings numerous advantages for Buffalo SA, our clients, business partners, and customers. Some of the key benefits include:

Enhanced Efficiency: Buffalo SA will benefit from faster customs clearances, reduced inspections, and streamlined application processes for tariffs, value, and origin determinations.

Improved Security: Our AEOS status demonstrates our commitment to robust security protocols throughout our supply chain, ensuring the safety and integrity of cargo.

Stronger Client Relationships: This accreditation allows us to offer our clients a demonstrably secure and efficient service, fostering trust and stronger partnerships.

Priority Service: Buffalo SA may be eligible for priority handling of customs matters, such as tariff determinations and drawback applications.