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Precious metals, diamonds and other stones;

Bullion, money, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, cash-replacement cards, store gift vouchers and cards, travelers’cheques, securities, bonds, deeds, bank notes, treasury notes, stamps, and similar cash substitutes;

Documents, manuscripts, plans, designs, photographic negatives, patterns, molds, and the like;

Antiques, paintings, statues and other objects d’art;

Furs, leather, skins and the like;

Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco and similar high-duty items;

Temperature controlled cargoes, fresh foodstuffs, bagged foodstuffs, all perishable items;

Audio, visual, and audio-visual equipment or accessories, including all such portable or hand-held devices; photographic equipment and cameras of every description, lenses; computer and peripheral equipment of every description and software licenses;

Laptop and handheld computers, including PDA’s and multipurpose devices; satellite navigation and speed camera detection or warning equipment; games consoles and portable electronic games; mobile or satellite telephones, pre-paid mobile phone vouchers; SIM cards; and any components, parts, accessories, or associated software;

Non-ferrous metals and scrap metals;

Second-hand goods, rejected goods and returned goods;

Timber, cement and other building materials;

Bulk cargoes;

Goods packed in inferior/inadequate packaging;

Household goods and personal effects; privately-owned motor vehicles;

Glass, mirrored items, crystal, ceramic, pottery, porcelain, plaster, marble, China, stone, slate, resin, granite and concrete (or any item containing these materials)

Plants, seeds, flowers and plant derivatives