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How do I track using a tracking number?

For parcel tracking, please visit our website https://www.buffaloex.co.za/tracking for convenient and direct tracking.

Where can I find a list of the different services BUFFALO COURIERS offer?

Buffalo Courier offers economy service for all Small and Medium Enterprises and E-commerce Small Packages , this enables us to provide the best service at the most cost effective rate. For more info pls check out on BUFFALO Services.

How can I maximize the chances of a smooth delivery?

Kindly provide accurate collection and delivery details on creation of orders, example Street, Complex or Unit, then accurate suburb and Postal Code with the Correct City. Also ensure, if possible to print a label on A4 paper, to add on your parcel to speed up the collection and processing of your order with alternative details we may require. Lastly please inform your client (recipient) of the estimated delivery date.

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