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Welcome to BUFFALO South Africa

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BUFFALO COURIERS has plugins and integrations for your business’s app or e-commerce site. Merge into a live system and experience all BUFFALO COURIERS has to offer for you and your business.

We're delighted to announce that BUFFALO COURIERS now offers a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) for our users. Our API allows users to integrate our powerful logistics solutions into their own applications, websites, and systems, thereby providing an extended reach of our services.

Our API is specifically designed to deliver flexibility, efficiency, and easy access to our wealth of logistics data, including tracking, creating waybill for domestic delivery and querying for postcode/suburb library, amongst other functionalities.

To get started, please click BUFFALO API(Full Version).pdf to download our API documentation page.

By providing our API, BUFFALO COURIERS reaffirms its commitment to helping customers streamline their logistics processes and improve overall operational efficiency. We are excited to see the innovative ways our customers will integrate our services into their systems.